A two-vintage blend of 70% Zinfandel from Atlas Peak (2019 vintage) and 30% Petite Sirah from Calistoga (2020 vintage). This rendition of Mending Wall “Mortar & Stone” shows a strong “Mountain Red” style first opened. Firm tannins, black olive, crushed rocks and wild herbs overtake the brooding dark berries underneath. “Get thee to a beefsteak” it declares before allowed to breathe. And once it does resuscitate…

Mending Wall “Mortar & Stone” review (open yesterday)

A steaming caldron of jammy blackberries, Marasca cherries (these are the fancy cherries you get in an elevated Manhattan), black currants, salt cured black olive, rosemary, bittersweet chocolate, espresso, licorice, black pepper. Wowza. If you could take away the earth, herbs and spices you’d have a “fruit bomb” left. All together it’s a whole lot of flavor, texture and vinous fun. It’s the kind of wine that asks you to take a few sips and think before you firm up your opinion. And food! The beefsteak request is still there next day. Or Korean Beef Short Ribs, or Rancho Gordo Ayocote Negro beans. 


If you’ve had it and like it, or it appeals to you, also buy the Lobo “Howl” Napa Valley Red Wine at Outer Space Wine Shop.

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