The Outer Space Galaxy Wine Club

Like snowflakes and your wine club, no two galaxies are exactly alike.

Members of Outer Space Wines Snowflake Wine Club

Like galaxies (and snowflakes) are never exactly alike, so goes the Outer Space Galaxy Wine Club. 


Each membership is customized to the member’s liking. For example, let’s say you want all California red wines but no Zinfandel. Or perhaps you want in each shipment 3 reds, 2 whites and 1 sparkling. Outer Space CAN DO! The variations are endless, and Outer Space tries to yes to almost all of them. 


We need a little information from you to get started. Then we’ll be in touch to finalize matters. Check out the wine club details below then fill out the form to get this wine club show on the road.

Dan Dawson Owner-of Outer Space and the Snowflake Wine Club

Outer Space Wines Galaxy Wine Club Details

Most of our members get 6 bottles every three months. A few get 12 bottles, and some members get shipments more or less often. All of this is decided when we talk to set up your wine club. 

Same goes for the wine. Answer the questions below to give me a general idea of what you want, then we’ll narrow it down when we chat. (Keep in mind your galaxy can be changed any time you want.)

You’ll be notified when your wine has been selected, sold to you, and ready for pick up or shipment. You can skip, cancel or change your wine club provided you let us know before we process (which we do the first week of your wine club month). 

Wine club price does not include cost to ship. If we do ship to you, we are happy to schedule your wine club shipments to avoid the hot months (October, December, February and April is a common schedule for our Texas/Southeast/Eastern Seabord members.)


10% off your wine club wines.
10% off all additional purchases at Outer Space Wines.
2 Complimentary Tastings at Outer Space Wines – choice of any tasting or tasting event (except the Galactic Napa Cab Tasting). These tasting passes are accruable and transferrable.
Invitation to Outer Space Wine Club Tasting Parties (2 per year). 

Let's get started! Please fill out this form. We'll review then be in touch to complete your membership.