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Outer Space is a wine shop and wine bar located in Downtown Napa, California. Owner Dan Dawson selects the wines sold in Outer Space with painstaking care, which translates to about two hundred wines, all really good, all over-delivering for their price. The wine selection is about 2/3rds Northern California wines (Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino), 1/3rd from beyond (Europe, mostly). If you live in or near Napa, or are visiting, come have a look.


There is always a tasting for you in Outer Space. The Daily Wine Tasting ($20, free with 3 bottle purchase) features a local boutique winery, and if you’re kind there may be an extra wine to enjoy. Tasting events are on Thursday and Friday evenings. The tasting events are a blend of wine education and a casual good time to be with old friends and make new ones.


Choose any bottle in the wine shop and drink it in Outer Space for retail + $10 corkage. Saturdays are no corkage day. 

Event Space

We’ll put on a fantastic, customized tasting event, with food & wine pairings if you’d like, for you and your group. Talk to me if you’d like to host your private event in Outer Space.
Thanks for reading. Look forward to seeing you in Outer Space.

Dan Dawson Owner Outer Space Wines Napa Valley
Dan Dawson, owner of Outer Space Wines

Dan brings 30 years of Napa Valley wine experience to Outer Space. From 2001 to 2017 Dan owned and operated Back Room Wines, a fine wine shop and wine bar in Downtown Napa. He created Back Room Wines and built it into one of the best and most highly regarded wine shops in Napa Valley. Prior to Back Room Wines, Dan was wine buyer at All Seasons Bistro and Wine Shop (1992-1998), Head Sommelier at The French Laundry (1998-1999) and Wine Merchant at Dean & Deluca in St Helena. (1999-2001).

No doubt, tasting, recommending and selling many of the world’s greatest and rarest wines has been part of Dan’s daily routine. That said, one of Dan’s greatest skills, in the opinion of many of his customers, is his ability to evaluate and identify wines that, in Dan’s words, “over-deliver for their price.” Recommending these types of wines in Dan’s entertaining and skillful prose is one of the pillars of Outer Space Wines. For Dan’s latest and greatest picks, visit Dan’s Far-Out Wine Picks.