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Visit Outer Space: far out name, down to earth advice

When you visit Outer Space Wines in Napa, shop the stellar wine selection, each with tasting notes written by owner Dan Dawson. The selection is a combination of small production California and European wines. Prices range from $15/bottle to shoot the moon. Value at every price point is very important at Outer Space Wines.

Taste with us.

  • The Earthly Rotation Tasting (aka Daily Tasting) is five wines, most or all local, selected from the wine shop.  $20 – free with 3 bottle purchase (10% discount on 6 bottle purchase).
  • Drink any wine in the shop here for retail price + $10 corkage. (Drink for retail/no corkage on Saturdays).
  • Thursday & Friday night wine tastings. 5 to 7:3O Tasting Events.

“I met my husband-to-be in Dan’s wine bar in 2003. It changed my life!”
Lori from Napa


  • Our menu of wine-friendly appetizers, charcuterie plates and pizzas from our sister business Frankie’s Fine Foods/First & Franklin Marketplace is available from Noon to Close.
  • The Outer Space Far Out Nut Mix, master crafted by Napa Nuts, is available for eating here and takeaway.

Let’s Talk Wine

  • “It’s not snobby to know your wines. Geeky maybe, but not snobby,” says Dan Dawson. He’ll tell you as much or as little as you want about the wines he recommends.
  • “So much of wine is about context. Where it’s from in relation to the customer. How it compares to wines like it. How this wine differs from that wine and why. Understanding how a wine relates to the customer in front of me is one of my super-powers.” Dan Dawson

“Plenty of wine folk know their wines inside and out. Plenty more are easy to talk to. 

Dan Dawson of Outer Space is one of the few wine guys I’ve met who can do both
  very well.”

Drew N., Dayton OH