Jolie-Laide “Glou d’Etat” Red Wine is 65% Grenache, 25% Mourvedre, 10% Syrah. Released as a “summer crusher” a few months back, its transition to “holiday wine” is seamless. Its translucent color sets you up for a full-flavored, soft tannin red. Get farmers’ market strawberries smashed and dusted with black pepper, garden thyme, dried lavender, orange zest and perfect raspberries. Some might say there’s the taste of cranberry sauce in there but I would never exploit Thanksgiving so brashly.

This is the first time the winery has made Jolie-Laide “Glou d’Etat” Red Wine, a lower priced, higher case production “Glou Glou Wine” by Jolie-Laide standards. I’m super stoked to have it here so I can drink it through the holidays. Also check out my review of Jolie Laide Gamay.

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