The Outer Space Value Rating

Value Rating = (Score/Price) x Wine Factor

Score is my point rating – 100 point scale.

Price is the price I sell the wine for. 

Wine Factor is my way to level the playing field between wines of all prices. 


Gonna dig a little deeper on each part…

My scoring system, based on the 100 point scale, is like all the others. I’m a tougher judge though…I think the highest I’ve given is 97 points. I lean on my 30 years of professional tasting experience to give legitimate scores. Honestly, I only give scores in order to create my Value Rating.


Outer Space wine prices are suggested retail price by the winery of a tad lower. If prices are over “SRP,” there’s a mistake. I’m not a discounter, not a gouger. 


Wine Factor: this “multiplier” gives a $60 Pinot Noir, say, a chance to creep up the value ladder. Example: 90 Points/60=1.5. Multiply that by a Wine Factor of 2 and you get 3. Generally speaking, Cabs and Pinots get a Wine Factor of 2, “Weekend Wines” get 1.5, “Daily Drinkers” get a 1. All the Wine Factors are listed at the bottom of this page. I always post the Wine Factor I’ve used on my Outer Space review sheet. Subjectivity involved? Absolutely. Wine is nothing if not subjective.


Whether I call it a Good Value, Great Value etc depends on the Value Rating. Here’s the table: 

Value Rating Value Category
Not a Value (never recommended by DDWA)
1 - 1.99
OK Value (Highly rated wines in the $75-100 range often fall into this category)
2 - 2.99
Good Value
3 - 3.49
Very Good Value
3.5 - 4.49
Great Value
4.5 - 4.99
Awesome Value
Hall of Fame Value

Wine Factor Chart

The Wine Factor is a Value Rating multiplier. It is used to compare all wines’ values, regardless of grape, region and price. Wine Factors range from 0.5 (“Bargain Basement Wines…under $15/bottle) to 4 (Luxury Wines).

“Bargain Basement Wines” (Both Import and Domestic). Wine Factor 0.5

“Daily Drinkers” (Both Import and Domestic). Wine Factor 1

Domestic White Wines – “Weekend Wines”  Wine Factor 1.5

California and Oregon Pinot Noir. Wine Factor 2

California & Washington Cabernets/High End Blends. Wine Factor 2

All other California Reds – “Weekend Wines.” Wine Factor 1.5

Imports. “Weekend Wines.” Wine Factor 1.5

Imports “Special Wines.” Wine Factor 2

Luxury Wines (All – Import & Domestic). Wine Factor 4